Green Initiative

From 2018 till 2020 I worked for the technology company COMATCH in Berlin. In addition to my commercial position, I started the workgroup “Green Initiative”, with which I aimed to promote sustainability.

COMATCH is a young organization (startup) with approximately 130 employees (2020). As a service provider, the company should be less harmful to the environment compared to producing companies. Sure, this is true in terms of direct material consumption (because they do not produce a physical product), but when one realizes what is ‘consumed’ in terms of computers, smartphones, paper and business travel, the impact is considerable.

In two years the Green Initiative has implemented several projects (overview of projects) with a team of passionate employees, such as; a waste separation strategy, Dyson hand-dryers (instead of paper towels), “sustainability in the office” guidelines as well as CO2 (carbon) offsetting. The latter in particular was one with relatively great impact, where carbon dioxide produced through business travel, especially flying, was compensated. More information about carbon offsetting (sure, it’s not the ultimate solution but still better than doing nothing) can be read on for example the website of the World Economic Forum.

The Green Initiative has laid a foundation for environmental responsibility and it has been a valuable experience to be part of this initiative.