Fascinated by the natural world and its challenges and opportunities, I started this blog in 2015, describing my ideas and experiences, mostly related to innovation, sustainability and the environment. With curiosity and enthusiasm, a degree in Business and Environmental Management, I try to contribute.

Extensive experience has been gained in the private sector with a strong focus on creative and tech companies. My most recent project, which also gave new impulses to my career, was in nature conservation. During the ten months as a volunteer at the State Office for Environment Brandenburg in Germany, I have been able to experience how vulnerable our environment is. We must do everything we can to preserve it and ultimately make it better. Generating impact on a social, economic and environmental level is what drives me.

I lived the first 18 years of my life in and around The Hague and moved for studies to Amsterdam. During and right after my studies, I lived for more extended periods in Willemstad (Curaçao) and Dublin. Life abroad has attracted me enormously ever since. End twenties, I had the opportunity to work in Düsseldorf. After a whole series of events—a great time btw, where I met my beautiful wife, developed my interest in sustainability, launched Sustainica, etc.—we moved to Berlin, our final destination in Europe, it seems.

In 2021, we travelled to Australia, and we plan to live here for a while. For now, I invite you to read my stories. We can also connect and if you have any questions, send me an email

Emys orbicularis aka the European pond turtle – one of the endangered species I worked with as a vollunteer, Beautiful forests in Brandenburg (Germany), Berlin and Sydney skylines that we both really enjoyed.