COVID-19 and traveling

After we had received the green light for our visa application, we immediately booked our flights to Sydney. The one-way trip was scheduled for February 15th. With a preparation time of two months for take-off, there was plenty of time for finishing work and arranging things such as insurance, selling the car, renting out our … Continue reading COVID-19 and traveling


We have left some belongings in our apartment in Berlin, to be able to rent it out furnished. Mainly furniture and a few decorative items such as a large Indonesian mask to scare away the evil spirits or a 1.50 m high nude wooden statue. Stuff that makes people's stay pleasant. Also standard utensils such … Continue reading Decluttering

Gearing up

In November 2020 we started the practical preparations for our trip. It concerned insurance, pension, cancellation of contracts, selling or giving away things, finding a tenant and of course, booking the airline tickets. Starting with tickets – we actually wanted to take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Berlin via Moscow, through Russia and via China with … Continue reading Gearing up

Cleaning up

I participated in a cleanup event organized by Nabu Berlin and spreepublik today. Unfortunately, we were very successful, and there's still plenty of plastic & Co. to collect. But the weather was undoubtedly lovely.

Less is more

Now and then I have to do some severe grocery shopping due to my huge appetite 😉 One of our favourite supermarkets is #orginalunverpackt (literally translated 'original unpacked') This time I armed myself with heaps of empty containers and jars. The catch - lots of grains, nuts, spices and other stuff without packaging! Anyhow, for … Continue reading Less is more


Strange people... Trying to do some conscious grocery shopping and what you get is a biologically grown cucumber wrapped in thick plastic (Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn) Confusing times one could say. I partly agree as the transition towards sustainable consumption seems not that straightforward. Respect to businesses like Orginal Unverpackt, a German grocery retailer in … Continue reading Why?

Comet Neowise

In July I briefly spotted comet Neowise on Saturday night (the tail can be seen on the centre, bottom) as I went into the dunes to enjoy the spectacle. Plenty of time to wait and contemplate. Scanning the universe, I imagined that centuries ago, our ancestors hadn't had answers to questions that kept them awake … Continue reading Comet Neowise

Carbon offsetting

From 2018 till 2020 I worked for the technology company COMATCH in Berlin. In addition to my commercial position, I started the workgroup “Green Initiative”, with which I aimed to promote sustainability.

Zoo Berlin

We went to Zoo Berlin and it's a beautiful place right in Berlin's city centre. Established in 1844, the 33-hectare Zoo Berlin is the oldest zoo in Germany and is now one of Berlin’s best-known attractions. On the information plates of each animal was written if the species is endangered. I wonder if visitors realize … Continue reading Zoo Berlin

Beaver tracks

Roughly 100 years ago, beavers were native in Berlin, but they were eventually hunted and killed to near-extinction for their fur or meat. Wonder how it tasted. A few months ago, I went on a hike with NABU-Berlin (nature conservancy organization in Germany) and spotted some great beaver tracks. This beautiful but elusive creature (at … Continue reading Beaver tracks

Tree planting

We planted trees in Schmirma, which is a small village in Saxony-Anhalt. The brother of my wife is a Master in his field and decided to plant Oaks and Linden along the road to anticipate on a time when the current cherry trees are no longer alive. These species also need less water, and due … Continue reading Tree planting