Zoo Berlin

We went to Zoo Berlin and it's a beautiful place right in Berlin's city centre. Established in 1844, the 33-hectare Zoo Berlin is the oldest zoo in Germany and is now one of Berlin’s best-known attractions. On the information plates of each animal was written if the species is endangered. I wonder if visitors realize … Continue reading Zoo Berlin

Rice husk – why is it so cool?

My recent (online) discovery: cutting boards and other tableware made of rice husk! Why is it so cool? Plastic takes up to 1,000,000 years to decompose in natural environment. Imagine our landfills where plastic dining wares (you know - from BBQ parties, campings and household stuff) are left to biodegrade naturally. Poisonous toxins and particles … Continue reading Rice husk – why is it so cool?

Youth empowerment in Tunisia

Tunisia has been feted as the only successful democratic transition among the Arab uprisings but its faltering economy is unable to meet the aspirations of its young people. Structural unemployment is the outcome.

An awareness campaign as part of the CBS Social Entrepreneurship certificate