Cleaning up

I participated in a cleanup event organized by Nabu Berlin and spreepublik today. Unfortunately, we were very successful, and there's still plenty of plastic & Co. to collect. But the weather was undoubtedly lovely.

Less is more

Now and then I have to do some severe grocery shopping due to my huge appetite 😉 One of our favourite supermarkets is #orginalunverpackt (literally translated 'original unpacked') This time I armed myself with heaps of empty containers and jars. The catch - lots of grains, nuts, spices and other stuff without packaging! Anyhow, for … Continue reading Less is more

Comet Neowise

In July I briefly spotted comet Neowise on Saturday night (the tail can be seen on the centre, bottom) as I went into the dunes to enjoy the spectacle. Plenty of time to wait and contemplate. Scanning the universe, I imagined that centuries ago, our ancestors hadn't had answers to questions that kept them awake … Continue reading Comet Neowise

Zoo Berlin

We went to Zoo Berlin and it's a beautiful place right in Berlin's city centre. Established in 1844, the 33-hectare Zoo Berlin is the oldest zoo in Germany and is now one of Berlin’s best-known attractions. On the information plates of each animal was written if the species is endangered. I wonder if visitors realize … Continue reading Zoo Berlin


Like our open market economy, technological advances and cultural exchange, the current CoronaVirus is spreading and disrupting our lives on a global scale and just around the corner. It's fascinating and frightening, convenient and challenging to have everything at your fingertips… :/ Having interconnected societies comes with a price, and I wondered how much we … Continue reading Pandemic

Ethical investors

A friend and I recently talked about developments in the German Fintech market and services like Crowd Investing, Robo Advisors, Social Trading, Blockchain technology and so forth. It is astounding how it disrupts the market and has so much potential for further development. I decided to do some reading as my personal interest was triggered by … Continue reading Ethical investors

Digital responsibility

Our European society, which consists today of 27 Member States is transforming rapidly due to technological, societal and cultural change. Changes in the field of digitalisation and automation influence the way we live and work faster than before. These trends reshape European and global economies in fundamental ways. Creative- and digital businesses, high-tech manufacturing, and … Continue reading Digital responsibility