Beaver tracks

Roughly 100 years ago, beavers were native in Berlin, but they were eventually hunted and killed to near-extinction for their fur or meat. Wonder how it tasted. A few months ago, I went on a hike with NABU-Berlin (nature conservancy organization in Germany) and spotted some great beaver tracks. This beautiful but elusive creature (at … Continue reading Beaver tracks

Tree planting

We planted trees in Schmirma, which is a small village in Saxony-Anhalt. The brother of my wife is a Master in his field and decided to plant Oaks and Linden along the road to anticipate on a time when the current cherry trees are no longer alive. These species also need less water, and due … Continue reading Tree planting


Like our open market economy, technological advances and cultural exchange, the current CoronaVirus is spreading and disrupting our lives on a global scale and just around the corner. It's fascinating and frightening, convenient and challenging to have everything at your fingertips… :/ Having interconnected societies comes with a price, and I wondered how much we … Continue reading Pandemic


A blast from the past - in 2017 I was asked to participate in a local event, which is part of the network #PulseofEurope. A pro-European citizen's initiative, founded in Frankfurt, Germany. It aims at "encouraging citizens of the EU to speak out publicly in favour of a pan-European identity". „Europa bedeutet für mich Freiheit“, … Continue reading #PulseofEurope

Youth empowerment in Tunisia

Tunisia has been feted as the only successful democratic transition among the Arab uprisings but its faltering economy is unable to meet the aspirations of its young people. Structural unemployment is the outcome.

An awareness campaign as part of the CBS Social Entrepreneurship certificate

Ethical investors

A friend and I recently talked about developments in the German Fintech market and services like Crowd Investing, Robo Advisors, Social Trading, Blockchain technology and so forth. It is astounding how it disrupts the market and has so much potential for further development. I decided to do some reading as my personal interest was triggered by … Continue reading Ethical investors

Digital responsibility

Our European society, which consists today of 27 Member States is transforming rapidly due to technological, societal and cultural change. Changes in the field of digitalisation and automation influence the way we live and work faster than before. These trends reshape European and global economies in fundamental ways. Creative- and digital businesses, high-tech manufacturing, and … Continue reading Digital responsibility