Sustainable Startup Program

After my fantastic experience with Sustainica, I had the opportunity to lead and represent the Sustainable Startup Program. This research assignment is funded by the Europäische Fonds für regionale Entwicklung

(EFRE.NRW) and supports underdeveloped regions with structural problems in North Rhine-Westphalia. Our three-person team aims to create a startup incubator focusing on sustainable business practices for entrepreneurs in the creative- and digital sectors.

The goal is to help integrate disadvantaged groups (for example, women, refugees, unemployed and older people) and create a suitable living environment in its cities and districts. So, the focus is on a more robust overall economic growth and a better quality of life for all citizens – especially since all regions are connected in a community like the European Union (EU). Hence the term ‘cohesion policy’.

It’s great that the EU supports innovative initiatives with the ‘European cohesion policy‘ (2014-2020) with almost a third of the entire EU budget. The long-term goal is achieving intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth within the EU.

Below is the official poster of the initiative.

Poster_A3_1 Zeile.indd